Facebook unfriends app firefox way

Here is an old greek article to be rewritten because there is simpler way anymore.  There is now a firefox  add-on  that does all the work and you can download from the link we publish below. On this occasion I would like to suggest you two more very useful and popular also Firefox add ons. First comes the “NoScript” add-on, the  best sever side executing code stopper for firefox. . It can block almost every, or whitelist based , dangerous server side executable,  downloaded from popular free content sites. The result can be sure that you will not see the online pirate copy of your favorite movie, but do not despair! A “theater near you” can comfort you  for a small fee. 🙂 Another popular firefox  add-on  is “Greasy Monkey”, on which was based  the old “hack” in facebook unfriends. Here the roles are reversed. The user becomes greesy … or if you prefer “software engineer” and performs his own  pieces of code in firefox forcing him to act according to his appetites. Cool, huh? Since the hacking  with Java Script can be  a little… difficult , the creators of Greasy Monkey were kind enough to publish many ready made  scripts that can be run by following simple instructions. Do not overdose with  this add-on. It can easily make you lose a lot of time!

Download here the firefox add-on facebook unfiends

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